Monthly Archives: January 2006

Interesting software

I’ve come across an interesting software package recently through the site. Their freeware software is a “fractal flame” editing software package. Fractals are mathematical creations most simply defined as images that can be divided into parts, each of which is similar to the original object. Since the building blocks are miniature versions of the big picture, so to speak, as you zoom into a fractal creation, the detail is as full and rich as the big picture itself. As an example, here is a sample file:

fractal image

Photo blogs

I’ve been fortunate to run onto several remarkable photo blogs lately. They exhibit a remarkable sense of eye and feel for beauty. They include

    Cariboo, a Canadian woman who lives in a farm setting ;
    Mute, another Canadian from Toroto;

I urge you to spend time at each of them. As one of my artist/photographer friends says whenever he sees one of Judith’s photos “Oh, that’s that woman we hate, isn’t it?” It’s pure envy.