Monthly Archives: April 2007

An update on service quality

Ok, so the CDs I mentioned in the last post matured. That meant I had to go into Bank of America to redeem them and get a cashier’s check to take to 5/3 Bank. I went to a different branch office of BOA. Were there any differences in the quality of service I received? Yes, actually, there were but it was a mixed blessing. Everyone was more helpful, more friendly, trying to meet my needs. Unfortunately, what I wanted to do required someone with an office so I still had to wait, but not as long. Once I had someone with an office, she was very helpful. She processed the transaction, got my paperwork ready and had my cashier’s checks ready in short order.

And what was the mixed blessing? During the whole process, all she ever did was look at the notices from the bank that my CDs had expired and went onward from that. She never once asked me to prove I was who I said I was. No ID, no “what’s your social?” Nothing. Sigh.