Monthly Archives: August 2007

Burger Joint a la Web 2.0

Allen Stern has come up with the name and menu of the world’s first Web 2.0 burger joint, called brgr.

Some menu selections include:

  • The Twitter: Small beef burger which may or may not arrive at your table but if it does, everyone will know you are eating it.
  • The Facebook: Burger comes without anything on it, you add whatever you like later on.
  • The Digg: Twenty burgers are served tableside. Whichever burger receives the most amount of votes from the other guests is the burger which you shall eat. Some burgers will appear better than others.
  • The Microsoft: It’s not sure what type of burger it wants to be.
  • The Apple: The most beautiful burger ever.
  • The AT&T: Will be served with a side of 400 potatoes in a box even though you asked for no potatoes.
  • The Google: Upon purchasing The Google, all other burgers currently on order will be acquired by The Google.
  • The Zune: Probably tastes good but looks like crap.