Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Sixth Eleventh

Like everyone else, I remember exactly where I was when my wife called me at work to tell me what was happening. As terrrible as it all was, what really hit me even harder was when reports from people within our company (who were working in the World Financial Center across the street) and who managed to make it somewhere safe, started to report on the details. (Our company only lost one person. Given the number of people who work in NYC, that’s amazing.) The thing that hit me the most was that no one who worked above the 91st floor made it out. Nobody. That slammed me to the ground emotionally. You see, I used to work on the 97th floor long ago. It made me grateful I’d only worked there a short time.

I couldn’t imagine having to walk down those stairs. Going up was a pain, even with elevators. First you got into railroad-car-sized elevators that went to 44 (or something like that) and then you went into one of several banks of normal-sized elevators for the trip to higher floors (there was a bank of elevators that were for floors in the upper 80s and 90s as I recall). They were fast elevators, though.

Being in there was the strangest thing. You could look out the windows and watch private planes and helicopters going by over the East River or the Hudson, and they were below you. The building swayed with the wind and you could feel it. It was especially noticeable (for guys) in the bathroom at the urinals as you watched the stream wash from side to side. Very strange.

Adobe announces Photoshop Express

Photoshop will soon be free and online. Although still in the “it’s not ready to release yet” stage, Adobe is going to make a version of Photoshop available for use online for free. The idea is that it will make Adobe image editing techmology, which is the biggest thing since sliced bread in the graphics world, available to huge numbers of people. They recently rolled out Premiere Express (also called YouTube Remixer), a video tool that’s also freely available on the web. Link to more details on Photoshop Express and link to a screenshot.

This is big news in the graphics world.

I really hate

being dependent on someone I’ve never met for the design of my site. (What makes it even worse is that I design sites for a living.) But I don’t speak PHP, the database backend connection language of blogs (especially WordPress), and that’s essential. So I’ve been theme-shopping, trying various and sundry theme looks (despite having one I really liked) in an attempt to find one that actually puts what I want on the home page.

Note to theme creators: other people may not want to use your photos or your bits & pieces of how you’ve set things up. It is tasteless of us, I realize, especially since we’re completely using your work for free, to bitch about how you’ve set things up in your theme. But that’s people for you, whining about free stuff. It would be really nice if you included instructions either in your coding as comments, or in a read me file, about how to take this  in or out and how to change out images, etc.