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Update on the last post

Hurray! I was able to download the updates to my archaic operating system (10.4) using trickery. I used my work laptop, a PC that has an aircard – a wonderful invention for people who live outside the reach of high-speed internet, especially when your company is willing to pay for the cost - which allowed me to download the updates and burn them on CD to then install on my Mac. It’s sad when you’re so happy about being able to dial up the internet.

Here spot, here spot.

It seems today is leopard day, the day that Apple releases the latest and greatest version of the operating system from the real Steve Jobs.

It was definitely not the day to go in the Apple store with my old, beat up G4 iBook expecting service. But at least the young guy who waited on me was helpful. He sold me an external modem to plug into the USB port that can replace the internal one that doesn’t work.

(Yes, I do practice that arcane art of dial-up. There’s apparently only one of the people in the Apple store who knows anything about the ancient arts of modulating and demodulating. I live in the proverbial last mile of internet access. Too far away from a BellSouth way station for DSL (4 miles), on a road too lightly populated for cable to be worth it, and too damn cheap to pay $60 a month for a satellite link.)

Fortunately, the replacement modem cost was reasonable and about in line with what the repair probably would cost (if I didn’t have to wait until Sunday at Noon to find out the real cost). Unfortunately, it requires version 10.4.3 (he didn’t ask what version I had and I didn’t know it was important) which, naturally, I do not have. So having traipsed way the hell out to Green Hills fo no other reason than getting the laptop fixed, I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t cancelled my appointment for Noon Sunday. Crapola. Bad service from Apple happens.


HOV Lanes

Last year we oved from the west side of Nashville, where there are no HOV lanes, to the north side of town, where they are. Most days I don’t take I-65 to work, just on the slight occasion when I have to attend meetings in a satellite office off Elm Hill Pike. It just doesn’t go where I need to go. However, I have noticed that I am about the only person on I-65 who acually moves out of the HOV lane when I’m the only one in the car. Everybody else just ignores it like the HOV lane is just another lane.

If Metro really needs revenue, I know where they can get it to the tune of aout $5 grand a day in fines. Just sayin’.

Ok, I’d be glad to drive one of these to work for a while

There’s a company called Aptera that has finally produced a working version of a car they have been promising for a while. Their new website (all done in Flash, complete with bouncing balls) showcases the photos and offers a link where you can put down a $500 deposit for one to be delivered in a year or so. It will cost from $26K to $30K, depending on whether you get the all-electric, plug-in version or the one with the gasoline generator included for longer range. The up side is they’re getting 230 mpg at 55 mph, and zero to 60 mph in 10 seconds (yep, interstate merging with the leadfoots) due as much from the aerodynamics as anything. I’d really like to see one of the Big Three American manufacturers offer something like this, even if it only got 100 mpg.

And if you guys at Aptera want someone to do demos of it for a year or so around this area, send me an email! I’m fine with that. I’ll even buy the gas.

It was good to be along

for the fun last night. It was pretty much what i expected I’d experience. There were these two overage guys who tried to sound as good as they did way back in ’68 when Steven and David invited Graham up to Joni Mitchell’s house in Laurel Canyon for a jam session. In general, their harmony was not too bad for guys their age. They were off sometimes, but it was still good. All of us in the audience were a little off what we were back then too. They were accompanied by three top quality musicians on lead, bass and drums. It was a night of nostalgia and good times. I hadn’t seen them since the early 70s. It was (uh, can’t resist using another CSNY allusion, sorry) deja vu all over again.

It was enjoyable and funny to see all the old hippies show up for a music night. We’re all a little fatter and grayer but we still love some good sounds. Dean Parks on lead guitar, was the real total highlight of the show. Dean’s a session musician mostly (the link is to a short list of songs he’s worked on.) What the list of songs doesn’t get across is how astonishingly wonderful he is on lead and steel guitar. He made sounds come from that steel guitar that no one else can do.

As as aside: to the blond lady who was having a hard time hanging up her cell phone when they arrived. You were at the concert and they were playing. Please be less inconsiderate and rude and hang the damn phone up. To the group of thirty-somethings that arrived at 8 for a concert that started a half hour earlier: don’t stand in the aisles, assholes, we can’t see through you. Get there on time or go the hell away. To the lady in the black and white print slacks: yes, they are a bit small for you, dear. And, lastly, to the woman in the short, snug-fitting skirt who was so enjoying the concert that she couldn’t resist dancing while she waited for the ushers to seat them, thank you. You were a delight to see and you obviously had buckets of fun. You can come to any concert I’m at any time.

A harmonious occasion comes

In a world of discord and dissent, anger and hatred, war and terror, family trials and pains, tonight offers a small respite to enjoy harmony. David Crosby and Graham Nash are playing at the War Memorial Auditorium tonight and we’re going. I am so looking forward to this. I saw them long, long ago in another time and world (along with Stephen Stills and Neil Young) in Virginia. It’s been a while since something as exciting as this (OK, for me, anyway) has come to Nashville. Occasionally we get people like Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. This is one of those occasions. I hope you have a day filled with harmony!

[edit]  The site plays the songs from their latest album. Earphones are nice if you’re in the office. Crank up the volume. :D