Yo, Rupe!

(I always wanted to say that.) From CNN:

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch expects News Corporation-owned newspaper Web sites to start charging users for access within a year in a move which analysts say could radically shake-up the culture of freely available content.

Speaking on a conference call as News Corporation announced a 47 percent slide in quarterly profits to $755 million, Murdoch said the current free access business model favored by most content providers was flawed.

“We are now in the midst of an epochal debate over the value of content and it is clear to many newspapers that the current model is malfunctioning,” the News Corp. Chairman and CEO said.

“We have been at the forefront of that debate and you can confidently presume that we are leading the way in finding a model that maximizes revenues in return for our shareholders… The current days of the Internet will soon be over.”

I’m sure that will happen, Rupert, just as soon as the Internet gives a damn what you think. Unfortunately, there are more than enough alternatives providing this information in exchange for on-site ads (and thus free to the public at large). If you start charging you’ll stand a better chance of going the way of the Passenger Pigeon and the Woolly Mammoth.

The real crux of the problem is that the Internet has had this free stuff for a really long time, relatively speaking, and we’re all set in our free ways. We pay for Internet access already. We’re not paying for your crap too.

The new generation is willing to devote their time (and their money) to keeping stuff out there on the Internet  for their own personal enjoyment. It’s like this place. I pay for this domain (Woot ! I am master of my own domain!) and I rattle on about all sorts of crap never expecting to make money here. I know that business model sucks for you, but fortunately, it’s all about me, not you, so there you are, screwed again.

I linked to CNN for this, but if only Fox news had covered it and a fee was required, CNN would have sprung for the fee to Fox (or someone else would have) and I’d still be here bitching about your dumb ass. If you really want to know how to march forward into the future, I’d suggest you go here, where the real people are trying to figure out what’s really next.

One thought on “Yo, Rupe!

  1. democommie

    Rupert is reaping what he’s sowed. It pains me that the piece of crap is now a U.S. citizen.


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