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Danger Clone Troopers!

The Nissan Cube (especially in white) looks to me like it ought to be filled with Clone troopers every time I see one. Now it needs to be filled with burning clone troopers.

Nissan has issued a recall to fix the Cube. In a severe rear-end collision, the fuel system could spring a leak. Not a huge leak that turns the car into a fireball if it gets a little love tap, like the Ford Pinto of decades past could do. It has to get slammed at 50 mpg with 70% coverage resulting in the Cube spinning  a quarter-turn. (Mind you, around here, people will do 50 in a school zone, so I’m not sure where it would be safe, but…) And even at that, the leak isn’t supposed to be major. Even so, leaking fuel is not good. Take your little Cube down to your local dealer and get it fixed for free.

The Burbs

Another designer locally did a great poster featuring some of Nashville’s neighborhoods and it became funny when people from all over town started complaining that their “hood” was missing from the list. She had done hers like a train stop list. I thought it would be nice to have one showing the Nashville suburbs, but that wasn’t really enough either because it cut off all of the central services district and a lot of places that were really important to me growing up. Anyway, I ended up with this. Some of these parts of town I didn’t know the names for and found on Google maps. The designer who created the one featured in The Nashvillest will customize hers for you, if you want one.

The Times, They Are A-Changin’

In the latest Newsweek there are some interesting numbers comparing how much things have changed over the last decade.




Number of active blogs *


144 million

Daily Google searches

100 million

2 billion

Books published



Letters mailed daily (in the U.S.)

208 billion

176 billion

Email sent daily **

12 billion

247 billion

Text messages sent (year’s total)


4.5 billion

Hard drive storage cost (per gig)



Hours spent online per week



Daily newspapers



Reality TV shows



Clowns ***



* This is a scary number for several reasons. First, there’s someone who counts them? (Yes, Blogpulse does.) And second, no wonder most of us get so few comments. Even though there are as many bloggers as their are blogs at a minimum, we’re still spread thin. There were over 52,000 new blogs added to the totals Blogpulse tracks yesterday.

** As far as emails are concerned, my company’s IT department estimates that 97% of the emails that hit our servers are spam.

*** Oh, shit!


Although Bambi and Thumper and that obsessive squirrel in Ice Age are cute as cartoon characters, in real life, deer, rabbits and squirrels are bitter enemies because they think I plant my garden for them instead of me. They are wrong. Over the years I’ve tried several things to keep the little critters out, including an electric fence that a cousin referred to as Garden Dachau, that was seven feet tall. When we moved some years back, I tried a new tack.  I built a greenhouse. (Some time back I did a post on my greenhouse. ) Recently a friend of my niece decided they had given enough produce to the critters and looked for an alternative. Now there are instructions for building the greenhouse (PDF file).