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Occupying Wall Street

I heard someone refer to the OWS protesters as “hippie kids.” She wasnt sure what they were protestng, but figured they must be against capitalism (and for socialism). And, regrettably that may be how they are understood.

It’s hard to understand how so many of us seem to feel as if we are powerless against everything around us while there is also a substantial group that sees nothing wrong around us.

Wall Street firms and major banks amd mortgage lenders, feeling secure in the perpetual rise of the housing market, loaned money to people who could only meet their payments as long as the sun kept shining. Then, realizing that these loans were as risky as they could be, those samethen brokers created bundles of crap, while throwing in a slightly less risky loan every now and then, and turned those bundles into securities, which they sold to investors.

They probably made billions on the mortgages, billions on their bundles, and, when the risks came due and the housing market tanked, they left others holding the bags of crap. They left the majority of the American public holding the bag, and left the government of President Bush and President Obama to pick up the pieces while they went to their country clubs and their yachts. And there they sat, watching the economy die and millions of regular people sent off to the unemployment office. The next day, the brokers went back to work, as if nothing had happened. And, for them, it hadn’t.

And I think that’s the key thing.Hundreds of protesters have been arrested during OWS. Nobody was arrested fo destroying the economy. If the government would just draw and quarter a couple of dozen people who helped bring down theeconomy, we the little people would probably feel much better.

I really don’t think it would take much.

A Personal Note

I may never post this, I tend to keep personal stuff personal, but I thought I would write it down for some reason.

I went into the hospital last Thursday to get a kidney stone or three taken out. This happens. But nothing seemed to go just exactly right. One was in a part of the kidney were it was harder to get to and the kidney had a hissy fit and closed that area off. The internal shape of my urine collection system was “unique,” according to my urologist.

Then early the next morning, the fun really started. I was getting a bath, helped by a sweet young student nurse who had never been left alone with a patient before, when, just like someone threw a switch, I couldn’t talk. I’d had a stroke. The rapid response people were there quickly and I got moved to ICU. Over the next several hours I slowly started to regain my speech abilities. Some words seemed harder than others, but I was making progress.

My ability to swallow had also been affected. I didn’t have refined control over closing that flap over my windpipe. They treat that with exercises and thickened liquids, like apple and cranberry nectars. They’re like juices that are thicker than honey, but with all the flavor and taste removed. Plus, they have this thickener they can add to any liquid, like water, to give it the sensation of wallpaper paste without the zest and refrshing aspects. Horrid stuff.

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