Monthly Archives: February 2012

Markets and Parties

The stock market seems to do way better under Democratic administrations than it does under Republican ones, at least according to Business Week. They looked at the market changes during each administration since the Kennedy and Johnson years and looked at what happened to a $1,000 investment if you only put your money into the market when YOUR party was in power. I wish I’d thought of that as an investment policy.

As one commenter put it, the stock market is a kind of voting system. It is irregular and fickle in nature, responding to fears and uncertainty more than reality, but this does illustrate how well trickle down theory seems to work for the average 99%er who can afford to buy a few stocks.

Cool Design

This is one of the coolest design projects I’ve ever seen! A designer created an annual report for Austrian Solar. For designers, annual reports is great to specialize in because every  audited company with stockholders does one. The can be among the most beautifully designed pieces you see, if the designer is good and the company is wiling to spend the money. This is both.

So how to you do a report for a solar company? With special paper and inks that only respond to the sun, of course. Want to see the report? Take it outside in the sun. Wonderful! More info here.