A Bit More on Social Media

This is from a Facebook post relative to Publix:

Went into Publix recently alone with my 17 month old daughter. Don’t know why but she hates the store and had a break down in the cart. I picked her up and calmed her down and continued my shopping my carrying my 25 lb child and pulling my 50 lbs cart. Next thing I know someone is pushing my cart. I turned around and it was the manager. He smiled and said “looks like you need a hand.” he pushed my cart for me the whole time and made sure I got to my car. Would never find service like this anywhere else. (: Employees of other stores are more concerned with me hushing my child up. Thanks Publix !!

Over 78,000 people have read this post and clicked like. It’s not a lot of work to do that, but it does show that positive comments on social media has a wide spread impact.

Here’s another, this time it’s Panera Bread:

Brandon Cook visits his grandmother in the hospital. She is dying of cancer. She’s craving soup, but doesn’t like the hospital food. She wants clam chowder from Panera Bread.

Panera Bread sells clam chowder on Fridays – it’s not a daily offering. Although it isn’t Friday, brandon calls up the local Panera and asks for the manager, explains what’s going on and asks if they can help. The manager listens actively and simply tells Brandon when he can come get the chowder.

When Brandon gets there, not only is the clam chowder is waiting for him, but they’ve thrown in a box of cookies as well. Unasked for, but a compassionate touch.

Brandon is so thankful to Panera for helping him deliver clam chowder to his dying grandma. Not only did the manager go out of her way to make the soup for only one customer, she also gave him a box of cookies for free. Brandon imagines that it must have been an inconvenience to make a whole batch of soup on a day they hadn’t planned to. He also imagines that giving away free cookies isn’t commonplace at Panera. He recognizes that the manager understood his situation and felt his pain. She not only wanted to fulfill his wish, but surprise him as well. She must have really cared about him and about his grandma.

Brandon felt so moved by the kindness the Panera manager showed him and his family that he wanted to repay the favor. He wanted others to know what had transpired so that they could feel amazed and happy too. Brandon posted the Panera story on his Facebook wall for his friends to see. It was the best way he knew how to tell the story to as many of his friends as possible.

As it happened, Brandon’s mom, Gail Cook saw his wall post. She admired her son’s initiative and deep care for his grandma (her mother-in-law), and was so impressed by the kindness and generosity of the manager at her local Panera. She imagined that both Panera fans and its employees nationwide would be delighted to hear this uplifting story. Gail reposted Brandon’s wall post onto Panera Bread’s fan page.

The story spread like wildfire. Less than two weeks later, Brandon’s wall post has been liked almost 750,000 times and has received nearly 32,000 comments.

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