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I’m a Nashville native that left the big city when my wife convinced me to try living in the country. There are plusses and minuses but we still live in the country for now. I’ve pretty much always lived here except for a few years in the Navy and while I was getting a Masters degree.

I grew up in Nashville on a dead-end street and went to kindergarden at a neighbor’s house just up the street. I was in the first class that didn’t graduate from the old mansion at Overbrook School, went from there to Peabody Demonstration School, and then to Vandy. That will only mean things to native Nashvillians.

Politically, I’m more of an independent cynic than anything else, progressive on some things (ok, lots of things).

Environmentally, I was a Greenpeace supporter back in the 60s when it wasn’t fashionable and I’m still big on the environment. With only three exceptions since 1965, every car I’ve owned got well over 30 mpg. One of those exceptons was a ’65 Mustang and another was a ’55 Jaguar XK 140 so I am a certifiable car nut. I could probably be described as a postmodern hippie.

I’m in the technology business – I lucked into doing something I enjoy, which is making computer interfaces easier for people to use – it keeps me thinking and learning and believing in people and that’s all good. I’ve been a manager of people for most of my life. I love the little critters. They’re all strange and different and interesting. I’ve worked in both the public and private sectors and both are bureaucratic, each in their own unique ways. The private sector can be profoundly more inefficient.

I’ve been married to the love of my life for over three decades. She’s never seen me without a mustache but I’ve told her she can shave it off if I go first. Our Tennessee home has a workshop, a greenhouse, a covered back porch, and ten apple trees. We always thought we wanted all those sorts of things in life but lately we’ve decided differently. Maintaining that much stuff takes time and we’d rather do other things with that time.

I believe in and support Vandy football and I think Nashville having a pro football team is exciting as all get out but I’m too cheap to pay for seat licenses. I’ve got degrees in math and economics and I may talk about economics here but hardly ever math. It astonishes my wife that a person who majored in math can’t add or subtract worth a damn. (I advise Quicken or Mint for all married couples.)

Y’all take care. Much love, because that’s all that matters in this world.


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  1. Kathleen Hubert


    I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. I’m a recent college graduate, with an English major, looking to build out my portfolio. I can write on a wide variety of topics and am sure you would be happy with the quality. Please email me back if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

    - Kathleen Hubert


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